Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Day in Vermont

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and even we wanderers have to get home to Indiana. We spent a last day visiting, helping a little more on the house, Jim got to hike a few miles on the nearby Appalachian Trail, and Lora and I went to a few yard sales to find some bargains. After meeting up one more time at the house on the riverside, Lora and I explored the outside of Wilson Castle, a beautiful old home on the outskirts of Rutland, while we waited for the restaurant to open. It was really something in its time, and even though it's crumbling, still something to see.

First find was a huge old Douglas fir, I think, which prompted the usual reaction in me---Gotta go hug a tree! Where's Kim when I need my tree hugging partner? It was so big that the branches sheltered a 20' in diameter space underneath with room for two picnic tables and generous space to spare. Lora snapped my picture in this necessary ceremonial getting in touch with the soul of yet another big tree.

I'll just post the pictures without text between, but they show fancy brickwork, wearing away, vines growing through a basement window, the main entrance, with eagle statue guarding it, and the side entrance, with beautiful blue stained glass above it. What an amazing house that was, and today, it'll make the perfect place for the haunted house they're planning soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Vermont-Water on Rocks

What a gorgeous day! We all took a ride on a pass over the mountains, a place called the Kancamangus Highway, or something like that. With frequent stops for photos, we took our time and explored so many different versions of water-running-over-rock.

Just beautiful! It was a cool moist day, which brought out the best in the amazing fall colors we saw.

In these pictures are, Jim wandering to the top of a waterfall, John at the bottom of the same waterfall, Lora in her usual pose behind a camera, and lots of beautiful places. The last one is of Rocky Gorge with an incredibly rushing narrow plume of water. We read a story of a young woman swimming champion who was drawn into the cataract, and trapped in a space under the falls, to be held there for hours as the cold water rushed past her. She was finally rescued, almost by accident, when the rescuers were searching with hooks for her body and brought up her almost dead body and were able to revive her. Brrrrr.

The Beautiful Spot by the River

This place that John and Lora are building their new home in is just the most beautful place in the world, or at least one of them. We spent one whole cool, sunny day working around the place, and I had time to wander around with my camera a little. The first thing I notice, each time I step out of a car at that place is the noise of the river. It's constant, and changing, and just a joy to be near. As I move along the bank, it's quiet here, rowdy there, shallow and trickling or rushing between two big rocks with a roar.

It's wonderful to think that these two people who are so dear to me will have this joyous music to accompany their lives as long as they're here. And it's even better to know that we're always welcome to come visit.

The river is different each time I wander near.
John and Jim worked together to put up the heavy beam braces for the deck, and Lora and I spent time prestaining the soffet and facia boards green.

Lora planted a lot of wildflowers around last year and they've come up beautifully. I have no idea what most of these are, but they're all just wonderful. Look at the strange red seed head! Gotta look them up yet.

I even found my own thinking spot. There's a short moss covered stump, near the tiny feeder stream that wanders around their property before emptying into the river. The tiny brook is only about a foot across at this point, but has its own little chuckling rapid as it pours over some smallish rocks. It makes a very comfy, quiet spot to stop and think about ..... stuff.

Friday, October 03, 2008

More Wandering Vermont

What a beautiful part of the world. Lora drove and I rode along, through small towns, quaint little villages, over mountains, and by rivers and streams. The weather is cool and rainy and it seems to bring out the brightest colors and crispest edges. Today we walked a labyrinth and some paths in a place dedicated to spirit walks. I walked the Pagan path, and it was so peaceful and filled with small gems of natures splendors.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

On the Road Again

Hello-it's been a while since I posted anything here. Apologies to you all, but while we're home, it seems like sometimes there's not much to post about. Anyway, we're on the road again, and there's lots of great stuff going on.

We first attended the Indiana Green Party Annual Congress, to meet with other Greens, and share plans for the year again. We always love spending time with our Green friends. who are always so marvelously caring, that we leave filled with new knowledge and energized with ideas to make things better.

Immediately after the Congress, we headed east to visit friends in Vermont. We love it here, and seem to have arrived at the height of fall color. It's just gorgeous here, and the friends are just as warm, welcoming and wonderful as ever. So far we've spent an evening in a favorite pub, and had a terrific dinner.

Then yesterday they drove all day and let us ride along to see amazing spots along the Kancamangus Highway. It goes through National Forest land and the overlooks are breathtaking. We took over 100 pictures of misty rain falling on wet rocks, amazingly colored trees and water rushing over rocks. Just gorgeous, and the amazing thing is that each place we look at is more beautiful and in a different way than the last one.

We ended the evening with dinner in a little Greek restaurant where we all had different meals, mostly totally unknown to us, and we could trade tastes and learn about new dishes. I had Moussaka, just because I loved how the word felt on my tongue when I said it, and it was delicious.