Sunday, July 01, 2007

The First Tomato of the Summer

Is there anything better than the first tomato of the summer?
We who garden, look forward to that bright red goodie from the time we tuck the first seeds in spring into that still cool ground. The spicy, rich smell of the vines cling to the peel and we cradle it in our cupped hands and inhale that perfume.
Just nothing better, and it's even worth paying extra for that cheater plant from the greenhouse with the blooms still on it.
Preparing dinner these days involves a slow walk through the garden, looking to see what is ripe today. We're not yet at those marvelous days when we're eating zucchini in 20 different ways, and foisting it off on friends and strangers, just trying to keep up with the bounty. Right now, we're just scoping it out each day to see what's ready to eat now. Yesterday it was just enough new tiny potatoes and some peas to cook together with a butter sauce for the two of us. Today, it was that precious first tomato, one small cucumber, and a handful of edible pod peas. Delicious! Life is very good!