Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall's Coming!

What a weekend! It was one of those that was planned to the hilt, something going on each day and evening, then all plans fell through, and other ones came up to take their place and we had a wonderful time anyway. Nice how that works out.

On Friday night we planned to go see some musicians we are very fond of who were performing nearby, when old friends called to invite us to dinner. We ended up after a great meal, laughing and playing Trivial Pursuit with some of the smartest people I know, and laughing until we were all ready to nod off from exhaustion. Great times. And how often can you have fun arguing historical facts with people you respect?

Saturday I went to an estate sale and found some good things to sell on ebay while Jim replaced our kitchen faucet with a high arching one with a great aerator and fixed the drain. Now we have water both coming in and flowing out well--WooHooo! Life is good! Saturday afternoon and overnight we had the grandkids and had a great time. We made pizzas together and talked about our favorite toppings. The little guy helped me break beans and had fun doing it. Who knew you could have fun and laugh so much breaking beans into smaller pieces?
We had a little campfire and roasted strawberry marshmallows, yum, and talked around the fire, while Grandpa watched the Notre Dame game. It was great to hear the 7 year old spin me a long story she made up and strangely told in an English accent? Fun to quietly talk around a fire with little ones. We have been wanting to teach them to enjoy tent camping, and it was finally cool enough, so we pitched the tent and got out the sleeping bags. I bought each of them their own small flashlight to use however they wanted to because they are used to a nightlight. We laid in the tent, all four of us in a row, and talked while they flashed the lights inside the dome and it was great fun. Seeing the little guy all snuggled down with a big smile, holding tight to his flashlight, and close his eyes to sleep was precious. It got too cold for a little one, who kept kicking off his covers, so I took him inside, but the other two slept out there til morning when I almost had the coffee made for Grandpa and me. Both kids demanded oatmeal for breakfast, with raisins.
Their Dad picked them up after breakfast and baths to wash off the campfire smoke and we took the rest of the day off to relax and rest up. I did try to work in the garden to plant some fall crops in the raised beds, but got chased off by the bees, in a surly mood today. I got stung twice and left the garden to them for this day at least. Whew! I have a half bushel of tomatoes to can that will have to wait until tomorrow and we celebrated this cool night with a good bottle of red wine, a pasta meal, and followed it up with our first fire of the fall and good cheese, a pear and some dark chocolate. Life is very, very good. All the garden, firewood and tomato chores can wait until tomorrow, or maybe the next day.