Thursday, April 04, 2013

She's Back! And She Brought a Friend! It's Owl Love!

It must be Spring.  

The owl who came visiting a few nights ago has been returning most nights to sit in our trees around the back yard.   There have been two owls following her from tree to tree, and last night it was just one.   
This one sat next to her on the branch and reached over to groom her.   They both did a lot of staring off in different directions, then stretched their wings and preened. 
 I think they're in love!    We watched them come into two different trees, then sat next to each other on the same branch for quite a while. 
 He'd reach over to tenderly touch her with his beak, while she bent her head down. 
The show went on for about 45 minutes while we watched through binoculars.  
I got some pictures, but the distance and lack of light made it bad photo conditions.   
I'm hoping for baby owlets one of these days, on a tree nearby.   How I love living where nature comes close.