Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Problem with Blogs--

Life just doesn't balance out to properly maintain a blog. When things are peaceful, and I have lots of time to post stuff on the blog there's nothing to post because life is just boring.

Then when things heat up, and all kinds of exciting stuff is happening around here, I've got no time to post anything, because I'm too busy having fun to report our adventures! So here I am, behind again, and all sorts of good stuff to tell you.

So here's a sampling of part of the wonderful things that are happening here at OwlsHaven. The Owls are hooting, and carrying on almost every evening. It must be their mating time, because there's a lot of racket in the evenings.

And of course, the whole world is speeding up with blooms and warm weather and the kids getting outside and having fun. Yesterday Anna and I took a walk with Matt in the stroller and had a long talk about pine trees, and worms and birds and all kinds of stuff. She found some birds' feathers and used them to tickle Matt's bare feet. What a delight to hear his bellylaugh. He's turning into such a delight, and lots of fun to have around-when he's not being grumpy, of course.Anna continues to amaze us with what she sees and understands around her. She's growing into such a gracious spirit with so much love and a great sense of humor. She loves the flowers coming up, checks them out each time she visits, and has to pick some each time, to share with everyone, especially to take home to Mommy.We were in the house yesterday when Jim came in all excited and reported that there was a Pileated Woodpecker just outside the house hammering out a hole at the base of the old elm stump. Sure enough, we watched from inside the back porch while he pounded on that rotten old stump and the wood chips just flew in all directions-some landed as much as 5 feet away.Jim sneaked out and got a really good picture of this huge primitive Woody Woodpecker bird that can grow as long as 19" with a 29" wingspan. I later took a picture of the hole and it's at least 8" tall. What an amazing animal. We saw it last year and are hoping it'll make a home near here so we can see it often.Everything's blooming and I'm most excited about the gorgeous magnolia tree in front of the house. It's just covered with masses of buds this year and they started opening yesterday. Today it's cool and rainy so everything stopped, but it'll finish opening tomorrow. I've been watching this tree perform thin annual miracle for 37 years now, and don't think I'll ever tire of watching this tree perform each year.There's more to report, but I'll save some for tomorrow. What a blessing it is to live in such a beautiful place. I'm always happy to be here, but in Spring--it's breathtaking.