Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Race is On! It's Zucchini Time!

See that spot of darker, speckled green in among the zucchini leaves? That's a zucchini, getting bigger and fatter by the day. We were away from home for four days and came home to find 4 big ones like that, hiding among the blossoms and leaves of our one and only zucchini plant.
Only ONE plant, mind you! and it's already ahead of our ability to consume it and keep up with the flow! We could eat zucchini fried with onions, oregano and garlic for dinner as we did last night, diced into soup as we did today for lunch, and stuffed with sausage as we're going to do for dinner tonight for a week, and the sneaky things would still grow faster than we can eat them.

So, if you're hungry for zucchini, let me know. If you hear your doorbell ring, and come to the door to find nobody there, but a pile of green orphans on your doorstep, it was probably me, trying to keep ahead of these sneaky green things in the annual battle to keep up with the zucchini. Wish me luck!

We've also got tomatoes coming on-not quite ripe enough to fry as green tomatoes yet, but soon! Yummy. And we have lots and lots of cucumbers too. The funny thing is, we planted them next to a fence this year and somehow they're finding their way to grow with the leaves all on the inside of the fence, and the cukes protruding through! Looks slightly obscene as you walk past and see them all sticking out. They're delicious though. But that's going to be a race to keep up with too. Let's see, if I could just invent a dish with zucchini and cucumber combined.......
The blueberries are starting to get ripe too, and what a crop of them this year! So far the birds are getting the few a day that are ready to eat, but soon they'll all come on with a rush and we'll need to get out there and pick like crazy. These delicious goodies are just the best, all winter long in pancakes, blended into smoothies, and just eaten while still frozen. Delicious bounty.

Aren't we just the luckiest? To live in such a great place? Happy summer to you all.