Wednesday, October 25, 2006

There're Fish in There!

What a beautiful spot! Any time of year, but this time of the year, the color of the trees reflected in the water makes a special magic, and knowing that the fish are traveling upstream, makes it even more magical.

Here, we're about 6 miles from the Great Lake Michigan. This time of year, giant salmon slide silently under this bronze looking water. Even though the stream is only a few inches deep in most of this area, these huge fish glide from deep spot to deep spot, making their way upstream to take part in their age old destiny, to spawn, fertilize those precious eggs, then die.

It takes a patient eye to spot them, laying in the shadows readying themselves for another run upstream. Sometimes you'll see them in the middle of a rush, plowing through the shallows and pushing a wall of water in front of them as they slip along the water's course.

Some lurk along the banks at this time of year and try to snag these giants to eat. I prefer to just watch, and celebrate the season's passing.