Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Tree-Hugger Wedding

Recently, we drove half way across the country to attend a wedding of a very special couple, and were very glad we did. This is a young woman we’re not really related to, but sorta, and have adopted her as our quarter-daughter. It’s a long story, and too complicated to explain, but we love her a lot, and wanted to be there to share in the joy of her special day.

In this day of pre-packaged, pre-prepared, hired-out and homogenized ceremonies, this was a do-it-yourself ceremony that really reflected their beliefs and ties to the natural world around them, and it was great to be a part of it.

They started by composing their own invitations and printing and folding them themselves, and involving nature around them at each step of the way. They made their own food to serve guests, with the help of family and friends, and stood on the grass of a State Park, for the ceremony on a rise of ground with a lake in the background, held flowers freshly arranged by a friend, and released live butterflies after their vows were sworn, to carry their love into the skies.

It was wonderful to see the love and friendship radiating from the guests present, and nice to know that they were as fond of the couple as we were. Each guest went home with packets of wildflower seeds and baby red oak trees, to continue the natural love wherever we went.

We wish Paula and Jim the best in their life together, and are so happy that we were able to be there when they made their commitment to their life together. The future looks pretty good, cradled in their capable, loving hands.

Added later: The Bride is always right! I missed mentioning one very important part of the day! The Flamingoes! Paula is a good sport, and what's a wedding without a little good-natured teasing? Somehow these pink flamingoes kept appearing at odd intervals throughout the day. Fortunately she was able to laugh at them all, and we kept them to a not too obnoxious minimum, so they were really a fun element to the day. Gotta love pink flamingoes!